Site Torino
Year On going
Program Retail

The project reinterprets not only a family tradition in the gastronomic sector towards the generational transition after almost 100 years of activity, but also the reference to the aesthetics of the Turin restaurants as well as the Parisian "passage" itself. The covered galleries, spaces halfway between inside and outside, with their shops, lights and shop windows in which to stop to buy and consume under the lights of the decorative lampposts, become elements that organize and set up the interiors. In this way, the project embraces the entire process of visual and spatial identity of this place which becomes an opportunity for aggregation along Corso Francia. From the naming and logo, to the interior design where sartorial attention prevails.


Opere in legno e ferro Cicles, DiLuzio
Antonio Mendicino
Impianti Salvatore Iorfino, Botta Filippo Impianti

Decorazioni Simone Notomista
Carta Parati

Colori Sikkens

Lampade design 2MIX, opera in ferro Cicles, luci sferiche  Spazio Light Design
Bagno Fissore Ceramiche, Marazzi, Paffoni, Flaminia

Progetto grafico Design A2 visual, opere Laboratorio 75