Site To-Expo, To
Program Exhibition by invitation


A vision to imagine a possible Turin, suspended between pure fantasy and real opportunities. The spaces of the city of Turin are intrinsically linked to the creation of production platforms.
Places such as Torino Esposizioni were explicitly created to show them and declare the public and social role of industrialization. The proposal is to integrate into the mesh imagined by Sottsass, replicating it in a spatiality that could extend indefinitely, a fruit and vegetable product machine that works with the same logic as the production line of industrial plants.

In the To-Esposizioni urban fabric, production, logistics and sales are connected in an integrated system. Elements of the industrial imaginary of Turin (the pillars of Parco Dora, the monorail of Italia 61, the adapted vehicles of Fiat), participate in the creation of a green underground station, an alternative to underground development and aimed to become a collective stage.