Site Cisternino, Br
Year 2019
Program Genera Festival Open Call

To overcome any division it is necessary to start from the awareness of the common good which is first of all the collectivity represented by its individuals. Although the fluid society makes it less and less easy to define univocally what “community” is, there are two key concepts that remain: representation and exchange. DUNA wants to represent the threshold within which the community still has the ambition to activate these two processes, where the act of participation becomes a sounding board for even a diverse collective. The exchange is the space of action between the two "walls" of a boat that ran aground in the center of Genera Festival 2019: it collects the flows of those who travel the streets of the city of Cisternino to invite them to climb the embankment to support a tree that, like a spoonful of desires, opens up the possibility of answering choral questions. A signal that is left high towards passers-by, supported by questions that build a timeline that calls to action.